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I'm shaving my hair to raise funds to financially support my friend Amber, who is undergoing breast cancer treatment in New Zealand, at the age of 26.

Aly T.
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Über das Projekt

UPDATE!! My hair is gone!! Thanks everyone who has supported so far, and everyone who joined me on Friday for my head shave party - it was such a fun experience to do it surrounded by friends, and with friends and family watching on live stream. Thanks Amber for Skyping in and inspiring everyone :)
Check out the highlights here

There is still time to donate if you haven't already (maybe you were waiting to see if I'd go through with it ;) ).

The backstory...
On 29 April, I shaved off my hair to raise funds for my beautiful friend Amber, who, at 26 years old, is in the early days of a full year of treatment for breast cancer, starting with four months of chemotherapy.

Amber has made the tough decision to leave her job as she is unable to work full time during her treatment, which has put huge pressure on her financially.

This is my way of helping to support her over the next year.

So why did I shave my hair?
Firstly, as a show of solidarity and support to Amber, who shaved her hair before treatment started, to take control and prevent chemo from taking it from her. If she should live without hair for awhile, I don't want her to go it alone!
Secondly, because Amber has sacrificed her job and her independence because of her treatment, which are so important to her. I want to make a sacrifice as well, and if I can do that, perhaps you, whoever you are, might feel encouraged to sacrifice of a little bit of money (or a lot, if you like!) to support my friend.
And last but by no means least, because I am so proud of and inspired by my friend. Despite being faced with this enormous and scary challenge, Amber has chosen to focus her energy on sharing her story, in the hopes of turning her experience into something positive for others. So far she has garnered over 2000 followers on her Facebook blog in doing so. You can also follow her here

Where will the money go?
Funds raised will be put towards expenses related to treatment and hospital visits; general living costs; and health supplements that aren't publicly funded but which will help strengthen Amber's immune system and give her the best chance at fighting this. In the event that donations exceed Amber's needs, the remainder will be put towards publication and promotion of a book Amber intends to write about her experience, in collaboration with other women in their 20s who've been through breast cancer.

And the hair?
I will donate it to who make wigs for cancer sufferers here in Germany.

**NZ based doners can also donate via givealittle through Amber's Facebook blog mentioned above.