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Rehabilitation Center Nakuru

We can transform the lives of people with disabilities with your help!

Rico H. von Flotte e.vNachricht schreiben

Many of you donated towards the container we shipped to Kenya in 2015. We distributed the hundreds of wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, and medical supplies that you donated to us over the past two years. Mobility was given to many and we're seeing the impact our projects have on people with disabilities every day. 

We believe that every individual has potential to do great things and we've made it our mission to support projects that believe in the same. Now another huge breakthrough has happened. At the end of March, our friend, Till, an architect from The Green Helmets is traveling to Kenya with a Physio therapist to transform our container into a therapeutic rehabilitation center! 

This center is special and our partners at NHWC will provide Physio, occupational, speech, and trauma therapy every day to people who would otherwise go without. There will also be a mobility device workshop, where people will be measured for wheelchairs, walkers, and crutches that will then be customized to fit their specific needs. We're not stopping there! The center will also have a community outreach program where our therapists will go into the homes of people who stay further away or who can't afford to make it the center. 

We can transform the lives of people with disabilities with your help! We have a partner project in the works for 2017 that will eventually cater for all of the costs of the center in Kenya. Until then, we need to raise one year of the center operations costs. Your donation will go to:

~Hiring professional qualified therapists 
~Equipment and resources for the center 
~Training and facilitation of our community outreach team 
~Transportation to those hard to reach households 
~Filly equipped therapy toolboxes for our community based rehabilitation team 
~A wheelchair workshop person who will customize all of the devices we give to those in need 
~Extra pillows, straps, support mechanisms and other alterations on wheelchairs, walkers, and crutches.