Ein Hilfsprojekt von „Rescue Aid Foundation“ (Selasi Koffi A.) in Tema, Ghana

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Selasi Koffi A. (verantwortlich)

Selasi Koffi A.
The plight of these children in rural Ghana concerning education is going to be met through this project. This project will put children back to school; improve their educational standard for a better job after their education. This will go a long way to reduce illiteracy in Ghana hence, reduce poverty.

In order for developing countries like Ghana to totally elevate poverty, there is the need for the standards of education in these developing countries to be raise and effectively monitored. We at RAF believe that education is the key to success and success means wealth. This project will help to facilitate total elevation of poverty in rural areas in Ghana and contribute greatly to the better development of Ghana. Education is the future and this future can be achieved through good and standard education. This good and standard education can be achieved through the provision of educational materials to rural schools. Almost all rural schools lack standard educational materials. This project will enable the children to effectively learn and graduate for a better job.

Operation Wipe Illiteracy will improve quality education in rural Ghana; hence the illiterate population in Ghana will improve the standard of living in rural Ghana. We at Rescue Aid Foundation believe that Education is the only way to elevate poverty.

These changes will be achieved through an effective distribution of these educational materials which includes; exercise books, text books, pens, pencils, mathematical sets, school bags and etc… to all needy rural children at the beginning of every term. Local district teams will be form to monitor these distributions and also monitor and report back of the improvements. We will deliver the materials to the children ourselves by the help of these local district teams.


All children in rural Ghana will benefit from this project and it will change their entire family’s lives.


The objective to this project is to elevate illiteracy in the Ghana, create stronger and solid future for rural people and contribute to the fast attainment of the Millennium Development Goal set on 2015.


The short term duration for this project will take one (1) year and the long term duration for this year will take four (four) years for complexion.

This project seeks a total funding of 34,000 Euros over a period of one year to reach out to about 40,000 rural school children in Ghana.

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Ort: Tema, Ghana

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