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Beendet Are You a Friend of Akil?

Since half a year Akil - our favorite refugee from Aleppo – is living in our flat. Now we have the chance to give him his own room – his first own space after a long time. Support us with your donation to pay the rent.

Natalie B. von Natalie B.Nachricht schreiben

As you probably know, since many months Akil - our favourite refugee from Aleppo – is living together with us in our Berlin-Pankow flat.

Since half a year we are sharing our rooms with him and since Imke moved to Colombia we could even provide him his own room. You can not imagine how happy he was to get his own space after such a long time... And Natalie was also happy to have her room to herself again.

But since Akil is still in the process of registration (which takes ages in Berlin and nobody knows how much longer), he can still not legally get any rent for the room plus he can not work yet to earn his own money.

Akil prepared 4 huge dinners in our flat and over 120 people took part in it. This helps him a lot to support his children financially, but it is not enough to pay the rent.

That is why we need you. Please make it possible, that he can stay in our flat.
We need 1.380 Euros to pay the rent for 6 months.

It may seem like a lot of money, but think about it: We are five living in this flat, so if each one of us gets 30 friends or family members to support us with 10 Euro, then we will have more than enough and the rent will be paid. And we will be extremely happy!

Thank you friends of #PankowLove. Thank you friends of Akil.