Ein Hilfsprojekt von „MMCRHI“ (M. LUSAMBO) in LUSAKA, Sambia

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M. LUSAMBO (verantwortlich)

Maria Mother of Charity Relief Home International is a non-profit making Charitable Organization limited by guarantee, and is registered with the Registrar of Companies in Zambia under Registration Certificate Number 79790 and Serial number 676783.
The organization was founded on the basis of uplifting the lives of orphans and vulnerable children in the area of education in the rural parts of Zambia. Maria Mother of Charity Relief Home International opened its doors in Kasama, Northern Province in 2003.
MMCRHI runs a school project called Framar School of Excellence which was registered (Registration number FSE/NR/0002) with the Zambia Ministry of Education in 2005. The Organization also offers Adult Literacy Lessons to youths and older women who did not have an opportunity to attain education. Survival Skills such as gardening, Sewing and Knitting are also offered to adult women.
The other project is Framar University College which is still under construction. Once completed this College shall offer Survival and Professional skills to youths in Kasama and the Northern Region as whole.
To provide educational, social and professional services to vulnerable children in the rural parts of Zambia where vulnerability is most pronounced; thus availing them an equal opportunity to be first class citizens and free them from prejudices caused by vulnerability.
To reduce vulnerability and increase self-sustenance in the vulnerable children and youths by empowering them with excellent educational, survival and professional skills which will transform them into useful citizens.

Maria Mother of Charity Relief Home International has a sole responsibility of reducing poverty in vulnerable lives and giving them long term sustainability for the good of their families and their communities at large. Education will empower them socially, economically, politically and spiritually. This will help them to fit into society and meet life challenges squarely as they also contribute to development.
MMCRHI realizes that the key cause of high levels of poverty in Zambian children, youths and adults is unemployment due to limited schools, colleges and Universities that offer free education to the vulnerable. Unemployment has caused youths and adults engage in street roaming, drunkenness, prostitution and theft habits. This vulnerability surrounding youths and adults in Zambia cannot be addressed by the support from government alone; but can be augmented by concerted efforts from all stakeholders. Failure to augment the existing efforts has caused the accelerating numbers of unemployment and leaving many children, youths and adults dying from different diseases.
MMCRHI therefore exists to augment the strides of the Zambian government in achieving the MDGS of empowering every Zambian child with education by 2015.

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Ort: LUSAKA, Sambia

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