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Beendet HEART KENYA Documentary for a great Organization

Nairobi, Kenia

Beendet HEART KENYA Documentary for a great Organization

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I want to create a video that captures, showcases moments of joy & triumph in the individual achievements of individuals serving and learning with HEART in Kenya. The goal is to inspire others to get involved.

A. Reynolds von A. ReynoldsNachricht schreiben

Human beings are striving to achieve their dreams all over the world. Some of us are more fortunate to be able to focus on our dreams from a younger age because our basic needs have been met, while others are just beginning to have the opportunity to dream and see the spark of possibility that they can pursue and achieve them.

I am involved with an organization called AFRICAHEART.COM which works in Kenya to provide Health Education, Microeconomic opportunities for caretakers of AIDS orphans and to promote economic growth, independence and education among the youth of Kenya - who are quickly becoming the elders of the country.

This summer, in July, I will be visiting HEART in Nairobi, Kenya for 3 weeks and working with local staff to assist with educational projects in the surrounding Kibera slums and other high-poverty areas that are dealing with the challenges of poverty, overcoming colonial rule and fostering independence and dealing with the devastation caused by the AIDS epidemic within Africa.

My goal for the trip and for this video is to capture and showcase moments of joy, hope and triumph in the individual achievements and accomplishments of students, teachers and caretakers as well as the staff who live full time in Nairobi. I want to show the vibrant and loving community that thrives together despite the challenges and life threatening risks they face on a daily basis.

My hope is to provide the organization with a promotional video that inspires donors, volunteers and students to get involved with the organization and educate potential donors and volunteers on the beauty and importance of what the organization is doing in Kenya. I will also be assisting them as a volunteer with redoing their website and their marketing and PR campaigns. Having a quality video would make a huge difference.

HEART Vision Statement
Empowering the people of Africa to survive the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Guiding Scripture
My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6

Mission Statement
Our volunteers, through Christian compassion and professional resources, will bring disease prevention education that will empower current and future generations of African people to improve their physical, spiritual and emotional health. HEART is a registered TRUST in Kenya and has a fully qualified board of Kenyan Directors who work with the American counterpart of HEART a 501 C-3 organization comprised of American health professionals and concerned business leaders.

Hilf mit, das Projekt zu verbreiten