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Ein Hilfsprojekt von „Nkosi's Haven“ (G. Johnson) in Johannesburg, Südafrika

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G. Johnson (verantwortlich)

G. Johnson
Nkosi's Haven is a long term residential care center for the destitute HIV/AIDS infected mom, her children and resulting AIDS orphans (infected or not).

Named of Nkosi Johnson the young AIDS activist (my foster child) who passed away on International Children's Day - 1st June 2001, who dearly wanted a facility that would care for the mom and child 'unit'. He had been separated from his mom, because of the HIV diagnosis and he never wanted that to happen to any other child. He also, so badly wanted HIV+ people to be cared for without discrimination or prejudice - so that's what Nkosi's Haven is all about.

Moms and kids (a huge number of orphans) live at Nkosi's Haven in total 'freedom' - all our children attend private schools (in the bridging sense of the world), receive all disciplines of therapy (play, remedial, OT, speech and soon art), have ballroom lessons, had tennis lessons (need financial support for this sport). Our moms are encouraged to 'build their capacity' so if a mom shows leadership and initiative, she will be employed 'internally' by Nkosi's Haven in positions like cook, child care worker, matron, resident manager and the like. We ask moms to 'foster' our young resident orphans, hopefully substituting for the loss of their moms.

We concentrate extensively of how to live with AIDS, not die from it. Forming a 'new' community of women and children, we are a happy and energetic facility,hopefully developing children who will be self confident, mature, responsible able to join the world as solid citizens of society.

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Ort: Johannesburg, Südafrika

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