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Beendet Let's send 500 children back to School!

Ein Projekt von Nonprofit Development facility (NpDf)
in Mannar , Sri Lanka

North and East of Sri Lanka experienced a 30 year of war. Now the survivors are struggling to rebuild their lives. This project ensures that 500 children who are school drop-outs due to poverty and breakdown of families, are going back to schools!

M. Fernando
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Über das Projekt

The devastation left by 30 years of war, makes life hard for so many single parent families in North and East Sri Lanka.

These families, (including single parents) do not have sufficient means to engage in income generation activities, due to 30 years of war and devastation that killed over 100,000 people, destroying their villages, schools, hospitals, play grounds, factories, and other physical infrastructure for daily life. Not to mention the memories that still grip many here.

900 children (aged 5 to 13) in the Mannar district (of Northern Province) alone are unable to access schools due to non-availability of food and money.

As a result, they try to find little income generation activity such as selling toffees, firewood, or working in a nearby shop/ factory/ business as a child laborer. These children are from families whose parents, siblings, grand parents may still be recovering from mental or physical damages from 30 year of war.

In some cases, these children are the only bread-winners of these families. Therefore their education comes last in their priority list of survival. Your contribution goes a long way here in Sri Lanka, and goes directly to support programs for these children!

We are raising money, to Help war affected families in North and East Sri Lanka, so that these families will be able to send their children back to school and rebuild this beautiful place.

You can help us by donating here, there are no government-related middlemen, so your donation will reach those in need directly and as fast as possible.

This non-profit organization is strictly humanitarian and is not driven by any political motivation. With your association and contribution, we hope to provide help directly to those families unable to support their children through education.

Thanks always!

Mangala Fernando