Supporting Community Based Conservation

Ein Hilfsprojekt von „Community Based Environmental Conservation (COBEC)“ (E. Mwamuye) in Malindi, Kenia

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E. Mwamuye (verantwortlich)

E. Mwamuye
Poverty, increasing population pressure, and lack of education and awareness, commonly result in over-fishing and illegal/destructive habits along the Kenyan coast.
The goal of the project is to conserve the biodiversity of Kenya’s marine environment, encouraging wise sustainable use of marine resources for the benefit of the coastal communities and other marine stakeholders.

Activities that the project will be involved in include school visits, nest mapping/protection and beach patrols, by-catch release, workshops and trainings, mangrove planting and establishment of beekeeping as an income generating activity to diversify livelihoods.

This project will focus mainly on conservation of marine sea turtles and their habitats.
Through this project the community will be the direct beneficiaries as they will be capacitated and gather knowledge on turtle handling and general marine conservation.

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Ort: Malindi, Kenia

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