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Viele Grüße aus Berlin, dein

Deine Hilfe kann das Leben der Biobauern in Thailand ändern!

Ubonratana Dam, Thailand

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Deine Hilfe kann das Leben der Biobauern in Thailand ändern!

Ubonratana Dam, Thailand

We received a payout of €6,183.31

Christian C.
Christian C. schrieb am 26.02.2020

 Super big hello!

Thank you so much for all your support over the last few months. It has been humbling to see the response to our fundraising campaign.

Our main reason for fundraising was to gather the funds needed to be able to submit an application to the Thai authorities to become an official Thai charity! I am pleased to announce that we now have enough money in the bank! We are very close to having all the paperwork completed and now that we have the money, we will be able to submit in the next few weeks. Watch this space!

Another major task for us over the last few months was to repair our innovative natural building, the ‘poo castle’. During a heavy rain storm last year, we lost most of the outer plastering layer which meant that there was significant damage to the mud bricks underneath. 

We have been working hard and using your money to buy more clay to make more mud bricks, and the lime plaster to redo the waterproof layer. The building is still a work in progress but we are almost finished with the new lime plaster layer so it is looking beautiful again.

It’s taken a while but we have almost recovered from the natural disasters of last year and are able to start putting some more energy into our beautiful gardens. With your generous donations, we have managed to make some major improvements to our food forest and are well on our way to becoming self-sufficient!

Our gardens have never looked so green and it’s all thanks to our new sprinkler systems, which take a lot of the man power out of watering all our lovely plants. We have installed some water tanks which feed sprinkler systems throughout our gardens. This means that one person can now maintain the land over the dry season, which before was just a dream! Until now, it has taken a team of at least 8 people to keep up with the watering schedule so that we can grow some delicious organic food of our very own! 

Thank you again for your amazing support, you are all awesome, and we love you!

Big hug from Thailand ☺

 The garden was never that green and productive...due to our new watering system  And the nursery is up and running  The poo castle was badly affected by the heavy rains and flood  ...but now ore beautiful than ever! 

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