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Finanziert Kindergarten in Liputu

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Funding for the construction of a kindergarten in Liputu, Tanzania by a student charity association. Every euro will be transferred to Liputu, where a local pastor coordinates the construction of the kindergarten.

B. Liese von WHU Studenten helfen e.V.Nachricht schreiben

Founded in 2004 by students of the WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management, „WHU Studenten helfen e.V.“ is funding one international charity project every year. The choice of the project, the coordination of the money raising and the transfer to the target region is fully organized by voluntary students.
In early 2010 we decided to coordinate the funding for a kindergarten in Liputu, Tanzania. The idea of this project came up, because we were looking for something to realize in a relatively short period of time but what is sustainable and useful for a lot of people. Until now, the project team, formed by 15 students had contact with the responsible person in Tanzania and organized the framework for a successful funding.
The construction of the kindergarten will be coordinated by a local pastor who has done this in several other regions. Fortunately there are a lot of volunteers from the village helping the professionals.
In future, kindergarten teachers will teach about 50 kids every year. Furthermore their parents and families will benefit as the kids learn manners, what helps them a lot in school.
We see the main challenges in supporting the kindergarten over many years, but luckily the local church will help us in this point. Of course there are some other issues like the price fluctuations or inflation, but over all we are convinced to face them successfully.
The donations will be collected by WHUSH and then be transferred to Tanzania as soon as the amount is high enough to build up the kindergarten. We can guarantee that every donated euro will directly be used for the construction!

News: Fortunately we could get more than 4000€ through different events like concerts and other voluntary activities! Nevertheless there is a lot of money needed so please keep going to support our project!

If you need any more information about WHUSH please visit:

A specific homepage for the project 2010 will be online soon!

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