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Beendet North Rift Dairy Goats Breeding Centre-KENYA

Mothers day

D. KOSKEY schrieb am 10.05.2010

Dear All,

Yesterday was mothers day. We visited mothers who are living in the poor neighbourhoods of Uasin Gishu district with support of some of our friends.

We could help seeing mothers who have a desire to live dignified lives but because of abject poverty they cannot even feed their children for lack of food. Some of the mothers told us about the agony they continue experiencing everyday, whenever they cannot send their children to school. They have no one to turn to.

One of them said she is tired of knocking at neghbours homes, to borrow everything from food, to sugar and money for hospitalisation.

We came back with the resolve that we got to do something as an organisation to impove the lives and livelihoods of these lot of women.

In this respect we wold like to request you to join us in this crucial mission of reaching out to this women wiht the support of a dairy goat, for with one goat, they are able to get milk for home consulption and also to sell and get addtional income.

We intend to transform them from just being beggers to people who are taking their destiny in their hands. Thus we need your help to assist them

Thanks and kind regards


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