Ein Hilfsprojekt von M. Josef Amin in Kairo, Ägypten

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M. Josef Amin (verantwortlich)

M. Josef Amin
This is a house for 22 elderly ladies. It is a charity-project.
The Age is over 70, and seven of the woman are handicapped and left over by their families.
The ladies are living free of charge depending on the area inhabitant to participate of donation, consist of 8 rooms category 1 room single the rest are triple bed..
no finance are available but the visitors of social community such as rotary and churches, and mosques are giving finance not on monthly basis..the are in a very need for assistance for comfortable furniture and house appliances..which is of the sum of $800 to make life easier for them

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Ort: Kairo, Ägypten

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  • Hochgeladen am 26.03.2010