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Finanziert Educational Facility for Slum Children in Bhopal

Ein Projekt von Asha for Education
in Bhopal, Indien

Educational facility for slum children in Bhopal. Including classrooms, hostel, computer room and library.

S. Morthala
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Über das Projekt

Muskaan works with 6 slums in Bhopal to provide the access to education for the children. Most of the children are first time learners in their families. They do rag picking to provide additional income to their families and later during the day they attend classes at one of the muskaan centers.

Currently all the classes are run in rented places and in every 2 to 3 years, they have to look for new premises because of increase in rent or some of the owners do not like the children from slums staying there.

The planned facility provides the permanent place for all of the education activities for the children and also a safe environment, specially for girls.

Apart from class rooms and the hostel, in the facility it is also planned to have a computer room and a library, so that these children get the same exposure as other children.