Casa Palabra y Pueblo - Building a Brighter Future in Intag

Ein Hilfsprojekt von „Casa Palabra y Pueblo“ (M. Fieweger) in Apuela, Ecuador

Neuigkeiten: Hier infomiert Dich der Träger über den Stand der Dinge in diesem Projekt. So kannst Du beurteilen, wie mit den Spenden umgegangen wird.

M. Fieweger (verantwortlich), verfasst vor etwa einem Monat

M. Fieweger

Für diese Bedarfe habe ich eine (Teil-)Auszahlung veranlasst:

Build a Brighter Future840,00 €

Intag, Cotacachi County’s subtropical region, is located in northwestern Ecuador, in Imbabura province. Some 16,000 people live here, most of them farmers with small and medium-size farms. The region contains parts of two of the planet’s 25 most important hotspots, biological regions characterized by exceptional biodiversity and high rates of endemic species, and facing serious threats.


Except for a few exceptions, the quality of education children and young people receive in the region’s primary and secondary schools leaves much to be desired. Most young people leave Intag to continue their studies after grade school, due to the narrow offerings in the high schools here. In addition, absenteeism by teachers, recent graduate of teaching institutes, is rampant and makes a quality education impossible.

Thanks to all our donor, our ideal of a better life with books, games, radio programs for and he people of Intag is becoming real