Ein Hilfsprojekt von „Care and Compassion - Goa“ (Prince A.) in PANAJI,, Indien

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Prince A. (verantwortlich)

Prince A.
This Charitable Trust was established in the year 2002 at Panaji, Goa, India, in the name of CARE AND COMPASSION - GOA, to take care of deprived Children and give them all the care possible. My name is Prince and my wife is Sujatha, we are the founders of this Trust. Goa is best know for its sandy beaches as a Tourist Paradise both in India and Abroad.

We came across several destitute children who were orphans, semi orphans and from broken homes. Both of us were moved with compassion when we saw a 4 year old boy eating from the garbage bin in the city and were motivated to help these type of children who need our care. He joined the Orphanage in February 2003 and still continues to live with us as a grown up boy doing well is his studies.

We have in all 21 Children living in our home, out of which 11 are Boys and 10 are Girls. The youngest is 6 years old and the oldest is 18 years old.

They all go to different private English medium Schools in the city and come back to stay with us. One of the older girl is doing her Computer course in an Institute in Goa, India.

We have Three Trustees in all who manage the Trust.
Prince, Sujatha and John.

We have Two Lady Staff and One Male Staff who take care of the children and two ladies who do the cooking and cleaning work. We also have a driver who takes the children to school and back in our vehicle.

The Girls and four small boys live in one home and the other older boys live in another home that is situated in a different place.

We take care of the Children's Education, Food, Clothing, Shelter, Medical, Recreation etc. Our aim is to see these Children come up in life and get all their basic needs met as any other child.

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Ort: PANAJI,, Indien

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