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OneOfUS Project NIT Alumni Network e.V.

Ein Projekt von commuNITy e.V.
in Hamburg, Deutschland

If EVERYONE of our 400 Alumni donates 60 € per year (5 € a month) we would be able to grant a full scholarship in one year. If we can get at least half of you to donate this amount we will be able to sponsor a student in two years! Tax deductible!

Kristin Schreiber | NIT
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Über das Projekt

Dear all, 

it is done, the very first OneOfUs student has arrived safe and sound in Hamburg. Check out the News/Neuigkeiten to see what he would like to say to you. 

One of the things, that are important to our first OneOfUs Student Zhi Kai, the Alumni board and certainly some other NIT Alumni is that we keep this thing going. Let's make sure, that Zhi Kai will be followed by many more. So please, donate! Via this plattform or direktly to the bank account, which is especially put up for OneOfUs:
IBAN: DE87200300000613542471
Bank: HypoVereinsbank
BLZ: 200 300 00

If you have any questions, check out our website or write us an email

Why should I donate for the OneOfUs Initiative?
• Each of you had the opportunity to profit from a challenging education and spending two years in an absolutely exceptional environment with unique personalities at the NIT. Since then you went on with our life, faced new challenges and profited probably more than just once from our time at the NIT.
• Now is the time for us to give something back by supporting the studies of an NIT student.
After the first 10 years of NIT, the alumni association brought the OneOfUs project into being, which is aiming to sponsor a student fully for its’ studies at the NIT. We want to enrich a person’s life by granting a full scholarship, risen and sponsored by the NIT Alumni community.

Of course, once we raised enough money, you, the NIT alumni, will be part of the selection process of the One Of Us student.

Thank you sincerely for your support,

A future OneOfUs student