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Beendet Education for deprived dalit child

thiruppattur, Indien

Beendet Education for deprived dalit child

thiruppattur, Indien

Educational materials, uniform, school bag and Van charges for school going is requested in the programme. 100 children are studying in school with a distance of 5-10 Km.

P. Ganesan von DRUC TRUST Community  | 
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Über das Projekt

The children belonging to dalit and bonded labour are in the urgent need of protection from drop out and child labaour engagement. They are under risk of the above victims that the problems are taking them in to the victims. The children should be supported from the victims of education and life. They are being under difficulties and problems due to the lower caste and under poverty line. Health condition should be protected and mental growth should be promoted towards development

The area of beneficiaries is at Tiruppatuur Block, Sivaganga district, Tamil Nadu, India. More brick making chambers exist for brick making in that poor people are working for their survival. In the name of Advance, they are repaying their works for interest and advance. Further four months are off-season due to rainy and clouds seasons. So, they are under struggle of life for survival of families and children are under risk of education. Dropout is taking place, lack of health and nutrias problem. Most of children are supportive in the works to their parents after dropped out. Then they are directly involved in the works as childlabour.

We are supporting them for their education through joining school, educational materials and cloth provision. Counseling to their parents and monthly meeting with the parents and teacher are taking place. 100 children are being sent to school –Indira Gandhi High School situated at Tiruppattur urban area in this programme and daily Van is arranged to take them and return.
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