Finanziert Milk for children whose mothers are HIV Positive

Ein Hilfsprojekt von „Promotion et Développement Humain (PDH)“ (A. Dzakas) in Lome, Togo

A. Dzakas (verantwortlich)

A. Dzakas
General Concept
Women who are HIV Positive are unable to breastfeed because breast milk transmits HIV. Powdered milk is expensive and most women are unable to afford milk for their children. To help these mothers, PDH offers a program to provide these women with milk to protect their children from contracting HIV.

Clarification of the Project

Currently, there are 25 children in need of milk that PDH is trying to help. PDH would like to collect enough money for 50 boxes of milk to be divided among the children in need.

The costs:
$9 US / 6 Euro for one box of milk (400 grams)
$450 US / 300 Euro Total for 50 boxes of milk

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Ort: Lome, Togo

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