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Beendet Climate Change Education for Young People in Cameroon

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GERAS intends to reach out to 100 school children to train them as Climate Change Ambassadors; and 10 teachers to increase their knowledge on climate change. We need 1840€. Please help us reach our funding goal. DONATE NOW!!

Ndzishepngong K. von Geo-Environmental Resource Association (GERAS)Nachricht schreiben

Most local actions that lead to the concentration of Greenhouse Gases into the atmosphere are due to ignorance. People don’t take environmental activities serious due to less frequent activities and engagement of relevant stakeholders and local communities. Young people are continuously regarded as leaders of tomorrow; meanwhile they have a critical role to play in their respective communities. This can only be possible if they are empowered with relevant skills. Young people will face the most consequences of climate change despite the fact that they bear the least responsibility for the conditions accelerating climate change. Furthermore, Primary Environmental Education in Cameroon is limited to the classroom, thus limiting the chances for children to get in contact with nature.
Climate Change Workshop for Young People is a capacity building project that aims at empowering young people with knowledge and skills to enable them tackle climate and environmentally related issues in their school, educate their peers, family and the community at large. At the end of the training, the children are able to distinguish between climate change terms. They are able to know what causes climate change (natural and human induced factors), the impacts of Climate Change and the various approaches to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Knowing the importance of tree planting and carrying out tree planting is an essential part of the workshop.
In order to achieve this, GERAS needs your generous donations as follows:
- 1 Pen: 1€
- 1 Bold Marker: 1€
- 1 Flip Chart: 1€
- 1 Note Book + 1 Drawing Book: 2€
- 1 Pencil + 1 Ruler + 1 Sharpener + 1 Eraser: 2€
- 1 Packet of Colored Pencils: 2€
- Transport Allowance for 1 Participant: 2€
- 1 Tree: 2€
- 1 Rim of Papers: 10€
- 1 Ink Cartridge: 25€
- 1 T-Shirt: 5€
Through this project, GERAS intends to reach out to 100 school children between the ages of 9 and 16 years, from 10 schools to train them as Climate Change Ambassadors; and 10 teachers to increase their knowledge on climate change and other environmental issues.
To do so, we need 1840€. Please help us to reach our funding goal. DONATE NOW!

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