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Berlin, Deutschland

Fund civil disobedience, radical creative activism, and culture jamming on topics like Fortress Europe, digital surveillance, and true corporate social responsibility,

A. Stolz von Peng! Collective
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Peng! Collective started in 2013 through a serendipitous coming together of hipsters and anarchists playing Boule together on the banks of the Paul Lincke Ufer canal in Berlin. We realised that our unique combination of aesthetics, ethics and strategic thinking could actually compliment each other. And our politics weren't that different. It was just our clothes. Some of us worked at NGOs, others in journalism, others in PR, and none of us were happy. We wanted to see better, more radical, more compelling actions and campaigns.

What started out as a fun idea quickly became a lot of hard work. We covered Shell's Science Slam in oil, launched some really creepy new products as Google on a very big stage. We sent out Christmas cards signed by Angela Merkel telling her supporters why refugees are not welcome in Berlin, coached 5000 sexists on Twitter with an army of bots. We announced Vatenfall's switch to sustainable energy and appeared on TV to crack an egg on the head of a presenter for the money-grabbing esoteric TV channel, AstroTV. And just recently, we mobilised people to help refugees cross borders in Europe, and created an initiative to motivate secret service agents to quit their jobs for ethical reasons.

We have loads of new action ideas, and a long list of companies, governments and individuals who really need our unique form of public relations work. Enter you and your donations. If you're worried that we're just going to drink your money away, you can rest assured that we work hard, harder than anyone else. We take no summer break. Our toilet breaks and short and to the point.

So if you donate us money, you can be sure it will be used well. Whether it's the dirty hoaxes you like, or the punch-in-the-stomach utopias we create, we'll produce something you can be proud of. And it won't involve any photos of bewildered polar bears, we can promise you.

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