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v. Borovlyani, Weißrussland


v. Borovlyani, Weißrussland

Please help us to save little 6 years old girl Yukhymenko Diana from Belarus suffering from cancer.

Uwe B. von Thinking & Acting e.V. | 
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Über das Projekt

Dear all,

6 year old girl Diana from Belarus must undergo surgery and chemotherapy for 3rd time in October 2016.

Two years ago she was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of cancer affecting connective tissues. The tumour of the nasal cavity disturbed the little girl's breathing, and for a long time she could only breathe through her mouth. With the help of doctors, love and care of her mum Olga, kindness and charity of thousands of people, Diana managed to survive chemotherapy and radiation and by spring 2014 Diana was better.

Unfortunately the story does not end there. Recently, the cancer relapsed, and as of today Diana is back in the Oncology Centre in Minsk, Belarus together with her mother Olga. In 2015 Diana underwent 6 sessions of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Diana and her Mother were requested to collect money for the second surgery through donation as well.

In July 2016 there has been an unfortunate development in Diana's case. She has been diagnosed with a relapse during the control MRT on the 22nd of July, since 2013 it is the third one for the little girl, the last long treatment was over in April 2016. There are no metastases in lungs or stomach which is a good news. At the moment she has been treated with chemo and medications, and the recent MRT has shown that the tumour has shrunk, so there is hope that the treatment will be successful.

The sum of money they are trying to collect for the 3rd surgery is $20.000, at the moment Olga and her family have collected $4.000 and they have almost $6.000 remaining from the previous treatment, with the help of the russian speaking social networks since August 2016 they have collected $295. Olga hopes for the best but she needs our help to raise almost half of the required sum.

This is a huge amount of money, especially for a single mother, to raise and this is why we are asking for your help.

And for us personally it is hardly to im agine how they are doing all these years literary living in a hospital. They both, Dina and her mom should be very strong women. And this is definitiely not easy to undergo through all these expiriances and depend on donations for all treatnents and operations.

All money collected will be transferred to the Belarusian Research Centre for Paediatric Oncology for Dianas treatment.

You will find all official documentation on Facebook, where we have created a group to support Diana. We are updating you on Diana's health as well as donations' progress there as well. Please visit our Facebook group for further information and updates. 

A huge thanks to each and every one of you guys, and all help and support is greatly appreciated.

Let good things happen!

Your Thinking & Acting e.V.
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