Beendet Theatre Project in Gambia

Ein Hilfsprojekt von A. Plasberg-Hill in Tujering, Gambia

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A. Plasberg-Hill (verantwortlich)

A. Plasberg-Hill
We are a group of six students who are currently studying at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London. Five of us are studying 'Drama, Applied Theatre and Education', which focuses on the application of theatre in community and educational settings. Our other group member is on the 'Theatre Practice' course, a heavily technical degree and he will be in charge of documenting the project.

We have been invited to the community centre in the village of Tujering to carry out a series of drama workshops with the young people of the village. The community centre was built a few years ago by a project involving one of us. This process of enabling the community to develop has been sustained every year since, and is a start in providing the inhabitants of the village with the access to culture which they deserve, an accomplishment that we wish to continue.

Through the medium of theatre we hope to create a platform of cultural exchange. The project will end with a casual sharing in which participants can demonstrate their achievements to the rest of the community. We will also endeavour to teach the adults of the community simple drama workshop skills in the hope that the practice will continue when the project ends. We plan to document our time using film and photography and will use this to evaluate our practice and the project's success.

All donations will be used to finance materials we require for the workshops and remaining funds will go towards our food and accommodation.

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Ort: Tujering, Gambia

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