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Beendet Haiti s Last Best Hope: Saving our Youth &Children

Port au Prince, Haiti

Beendet Haiti s Last Best Hope: Saving our Youth &Children

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The Project aims at supporting 250 quake victims children who will receive educational, emotional, psychological, and nutritional assistance on a daily basis to cope smoothly with school disruption.

John Miller B. von CRED HAITI GROUPNachricht schreiben

I- Context

The earthquake that hit the country obliterated more than 4,600 schools worsening the situation especially for Haiti’s children living in desperate populated areas. Those children not only lost loved ones and the privilege to go to school; they are also exposed to all kinds of violence.

II- Project objectives

 Offer on a daily basis 8 hours of classes and creative activities
 Provide those children with 2 meals a day
 Provide traumatized children with psychological support and healthcare to the injured.
 Create entertainment spaces

III- Targeted children:

Age groups: 5 to 16 Year old
Sex preference: 60% of the children are girls
Social conditions: positive discrimination for "modern slaves", new orphans and injured.

IV- Program’s implementation:

The program will be implemented in 2 departments hardest hit by the earthquake: Petion Ville (West) and Jacmel (South east). We had mobilized:

 5 monitors to perform civic and environmental training;
 5 monitors will hold cultural activities
 5 monitors will hold sports activities
 2 doctors and 2 psychologists
 15 cooks

February- June 2010

V- Anticipated results:

I. Create an environment of safety and learning for 250 needy children
II. Provide nutrition
III. Provide healthcare
IV. Offer comprehensive education
V. Contribute to the next generation of well-informed change-makers in Haiti


Finacial ressources: CRED banks on its battery of youth violunteers to conduct the project. However, we need to pay staff for key positions such as: psychologists, doctors, and teachers who will fill the vacancy created by the erathquake.

We will also need to purchase a generator to provide energy in the learning center and 4 computers to provide new skills to the children.

Donations will help us buy food, pay teachers, moderators, doctors who will play an essential role in the project.