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Beendet Give orphans and vulnerable children education

Pallisa, Uganda

Beendet Give orphans and vulnerable children education

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Sponsoring education of orphans and vulnerable children. It paying for tuition, stationery, meals and uniforms for these children at primary school level. These will help them to remain in school and improve on their class performance.

S. Okurut von Pallisa Community Development Trust (PACODET)Nachricht schreiben

The impact of AIDS in Pallisa bears both a social and an economic cost. AIDS has reduced the size of the labour force, and the quantity of land under cultivation has diminished (Babikwa and Kirumira, 1993). The direct costs of AIDS that include expenditures for medical care, drugs, and funeral expenses and indirect costs like lost time due to illness and care of orphans have left many affected households impoverished. Many families affected by HIV/AIDS have sold their valued household property to meet costs of medical care. As a consequence, income and food security are threatened for a significant proportion of the population. Children are particularly at risk. Their health status is poor: over 40% of children under five years are stunted. A majority of orphans below 18 years have dropped out of school. (Pallisa HIV/AIDS Study Report 2003;; OVC Mapping Report 2007,
The community has asked PACODET to help. PACODET has intervening by sourcing out support to cover stationery, uniform and lunch fees for at least 1000 OVC. This will cost US $50 annually per child. With this support, OVC will be able concentrate on their studies and improve on their class performance.
The project team include seven people. Their details can be given on request.