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Beendet An assembly on Chaos Communication Camp providing free teaching

Ein Projekt von Ruby Berlin e.V.
in Mildenberg, Deutschland

An assembly of Ruby Berlin e.V., Rust Berlin and NodeSchool at Chaos Communication Camp.

F. Gilcher
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Über das Projekt

Chaos Communication Camp is around the corner! We already had a great success running an assembly on Chaos Communication Congress and had one of the most active ones. But there was one issue: we felt it was a bit too constrained - just covering Ruby meant that a lot of effort was doubled from other community assemblies. For that reason, we are joining up with NodeSchool and Rust Berlin to provide a few days of learning, interacting and courses.

We want to provide free teaching and information to the attendees of the Chaos Communication Camp, especially newcomers.

For that, we want to provide a sizable tent and possibly some food for attendees.

We have an organization team of around 6 people who are all proficient coaches and will be able to cover a learning program for all three days.

For those interested, prices for the tents can be found here[1] and our discussions about the planning are public.


Project Picture by Mike Cogh.