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Beendet Care and Compassion for Underprivileged Children

Bagamoyo, Tansania

Beendet Care and Compassion for Underprivileged Children

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BACCA is a nonprofit NGO that provides free education, uniforms, books, school supplies, and a daily meal to underprivileged and orphaned children in the small town of Bagamoyo in Tanzania.

K. Sultan von Bagamoyo Children Carers AssociationNachricht schreiben

The BACCA organization is a Tanzanian NGO aimed spcifically at pre-school education. The school offers basic academic skills including Kiswahili, English, art, math, and science. As part of the program, the children receive one meal per day.

This kind of pre-school education is extremely important as children must pass a basic test in order to gain entry into the Tanzanian education system.

BACCA prepares students for the exam and starts them on the right step for continued success in life.

Currently there is one school in this program employing five people. There are three teachers, one cook, and one security guard. There are 100 students attending the school. All of the students attending are sponsored through the BACCA NGO.

The main mission of BACCA is to raise awareness both locally and internationally of the plight of our underprivileged children in Bagamoyo. Many of these children are facing life threatening diseases, hunger, orphanhood and extreme poverty.

These challenges prevent many children from attending pre-school and primary school which then hinders their ability to enter the workforce once they become an adult.

At BACCA we realize that without education and basic healthcare, these children face a life of hardship and poverty. With the help of donors, we provide for a better future and prevent the ongoing cycle of misery.

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