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Ein Hilfsprojekt von „Reach Out For A Child“ (Reach out For A C.) in Accra, Ghana

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Reach out For A C. (verantwortlich)

Reach out For A C.
My Name is Yvonne Pedersen,In March 2007 i visited Accra - Ghana and realised STREETISM is on the increase..On the streets of Accra,i noticed children hawking alongside the roads, cleaning car wind shields, working as bus (trotro) conductors, heard loaders (kayakaya) or begging for money or food at times they should be in school.
This motivated me to research further into why these kids are not in school, but rather out on the streets.I found out that most of these kids migrate from the RURAL AREAS with the hope of a better life.I quickly realised the harm streetism is doing to these generation,thus the birth of ROFAC.
We are a group of trustworthy adults living in Denmark
with partners in Ghana.Our aim is to build schools and equipe schools in the rural areas of Ghana,educate the rural child,as this will keep them away from the streets.
Donations will help us build schools in the rural areas and to help the children all ready on the streets with an education or vocational training.

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Ort: Accra, Ghana

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