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Beendet Nepal Earthquake Fundraiser for Animal Aid

Ein Projekt von Ichangu Street Dogs
in Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepal Earthquake Fundraiser for Animal Aid

S. Dierickx
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Über das Projekt

Life is precious to all creatures. The earthquake in Nepal is not only affecting humans. There are also non-human victims. Without a doubt, animal welfare and human welfare are inseparably intertwined. After the massive earthquake hit Nepal on Saturday 25th of April, the aftershocks continue. The tragedy continues. Many lives have been lost, Kathmandu’s ancient temples lay in ruins and people are franticly trying to uncover those trapped beneath the rubble. There are other, non-human victims too. The animals of Nepal need our help. As people desperately try to save themselves and their loved ones, animals have been abandoned. We are afraid that most former pets will now become street animals, adding to the already huge population of street dogs (30,000) and other stray animals. In the days, weeks and months that follow we will see an increase of abandoned, injured, starving and sick animals as, naturally, the main focus will be on human aid. Basics like gauze, antiseptics, antibiotics, pain relief and IV fluids are urgently needed. This is an initial fundraiser for all animals in Kathmandu. The funds collected here will go towards animal rescue as well as rabies vaccination and deworming of street dogs. While the full Ichangu Street Dogs team will not be there for a while, our vets who also work at KAT Centre are there and already busy on the scene. Until we get there we will distribute the funds collected to colleague organisations working for animals in Nepal and trusted individuals who are involved in animal rescue. Nepal has always been struggling with rabies and now, following the earthquake, the threat of rabies is bigger than ever. The additional dogs on the streets and limited resources mean dogs will travel further and away from their usual territories to find food and shelter. Following the earthquake, the risk of other zoonotic diseases will increase as well, especially that of internal parasites such as tapeworm and Giardia. These can be deadly for children and are most effectively eradicated by targeting the source ie. deworming dogs. Without a doubt, animal welfare and human welfare are inseparably intertwined. Thank you for not forgetting the animals.With gratitude,The Ichangu Street Dogs team