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Ve Koloenu, Ghana

We're struggling struggling non governmental organization (private / local initiative) working towards the reduction of extreme hunger, poverty, unemployment, and elimination of teenage pregnancy within the community.

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Über das Projekt

Solace-child Foundation is a struggling non-profit organization founded by Michael Anatey, a dedicated youth advocate who has care, compassion, love and concern of children and youth in the community.
The organization is centered at Ve-Koloenu in the Volta region, about 10 kilometers south from Hohoe. We aim at introducing strategies and carefully planned solutions to reverse the recycling trend of poverty, reducing the spread of diseases to the barest minimum, as the CEO of SOLACE-CHILD, my target is leading to enforce the patronization of Arts and Crafts and Culture to reduce by the following means.

we are much concerned about the current condition of the numerous young (teenage) parents who have no job or help, we have registered many and are awaiting training.

The funds we shall get from your donations will be divided into three equal parts, and used like this;
1. the various trainers apart from bead making and designing, carving and information technology will all be sought and brought to the center, some live far away from our location and will need accommodation to stay and train due to the usual challenges with craftsmen and artists which is low patronage, most of them might find it difficult to get private accommodation. In our yard (center) we have building space and will do temporal sleeping rooms to accommodate twelve trainers awaiting future improvements. With the plan of two is to one room, making six rooms.
Then another long room as workshop for fashion designers where their machines can be kept safe.

2. The second part will be used for adequate legal electricity power and wiring of the training rooms and necessary areas. We shall buy necessary materials and create furniture for the trainees including white boards for writing, stationeries, renovation of the solace-children's home with beddings, mosquito net, pillows, bed sheet and student size mattress and mobile toilet. This is a place where young mothers can keep their children whiles they come for training and education.

3. then the third, we have twenty acres fertile farming land of which only one acre is being used right now, we shall invest the rest of the funds into agriculture as in enlarging our farms. this will help us feed our trainers, students who fall under our charity programs and set a portion purposely for market. our farm will serve as practical grounds for individuals who would want to be trained in agriculture(farming) and most especially, our future source of funds for improvement. farm products we intend producing includes, maize - 10 acres, five acres for cocoa then the four and half acres for vegetables such as pepper, okra, garden eggs, and green leaves (irrigation) in our area, the above mentioned crops runs faster in marketing and they are largely consumed.
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