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Beendet Save the Community. (Post-)Ebola Relief in Sierra Leone

Ebola, Community, Relief, Post-Conflict, Social support, Education, Sustainability

K. Striebinger von PADDYS FamilyNachricht schreiben

Although Ebola infections have decreased, much remains to be done in terms of education, social support, and reconstruction.

Challenge #1: So far the institutional effort has concentrated on Freetown and the northern provinces, which are currently hot spots. The national Ebola relief effort is centralized in such a way that organizations based in communities are excluded from the planning stage down to the implementation. The current failure in stabilizing the spread is partly due to this top-down approach.

Solution #1: PADDYS Family works in communities in the second city, Bo -where the big players rarely go (or leave quickly once there). With a unique community approach focused on breaking transmission and co-opting communities on avoiding risky behaviours, the organization mobilizes local resources toward saving communities. Material assistance is needed to set up chlorine facilities.

Challenge # 2: The national Ebola response currently focuses on providing medical relief, which although important does not tackle the social, and communal aspects of the disease.

Solution # 2: PADDYS Family consists of over sixty members from diverse professional backgrounds who are deeply rooted in thier communities. They not only run education campaigns, but provide much needed counselling for ebola survivors and sensitization for prevention and control. Donations will be used to provide fifteen community schools with professional social-psychological counselling.

Challenge # 3: National Ebola relief is limited in scope amidts the several crises created by the outbreak. One the battle is won, there is need for strategies to deal with the post ebola crises.

Solution # 3: PADDYS Family has a whole range of activities, also providing back to school kids for those children who are affected by the Ebola crisis either because they have lost their parents, or their parents can no longer provide the resources for their children to go to school.