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Beendet empowering poor farmers living along L.Victoria shores in homa bay county

Ein Projekt von nyanzaenvironmental health foundation
in homa bay town, Kenia

The project aims are proving sustainable livelihood to poor farmers by equipping them with short and long term knowledge while protecting and conserving the water and fish resources away from degradation due to human pressure.

p. mboya
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Über das Projekt

The project targets poor farming families living near the Shore of L.Victoria who highly depend of small scale farming for sustainability. Nyanza province especially homa bay county continues to face increase of families living on poverty, a situation that has enabled the region to be one of the leading counties with high HIV infection rate. The project targets this people by trainig them on good and ecological friendly fish farming knowledge in order to reduce the continuing fish and water degradation resulted as poor harveting methoids by the fishermen. The project also introduces the target group to savings and loaning practises where they are trained on group savings and loaning modules, we intend to monitor their economic and finance management capabilities and also help them start sustainable income generating activities. The project also cares for the dependents of the target group where we intend to offer periodic psychosocial support, train on good nutrition and reproductive health and also support the school going with mentorship and learning materials