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Beendet Deep Boring drinking water project

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Safe Drinking water project for school children who are facing problems having safe water and suffer from water burn diseases.

B. Bhatta von Partnership for Sustainable Development - NepalNachricht schreiben

Lack of safe drinking water is a major health issue for these people but many villagers are unable to afford to build a deep well system/water tank/hand pumps themselves. Water related diseases are prevalent in Nepal, particularly amongst children. Diarrhea is the major cause of death of children under the age of five.
Most of the has aim to quality education to the local children and the children of the suburb area. The people from the community have great expectations from the school for the betterment of their children's future and are always ready to contribute from their side as far as possible. The school has been trying to give its best from its side and has been able to maintain quality education. However, the financial status of the school is not good. Parents have a dream to make their children educated and a good citizen. But the children in the school are facing a drinking water problem. The school has some water taps in the school, which is not enough for the increasing enrollment of the students. Small kids cannot drink water from tap. The school has a garden and different plants have been planted for decoration and keeping the school environment clean and green. The school don't have enough water for watering the plants due to which all the plants have turned into yellow and seems wilting. The school management committee, guardians and the students had a meeting on annual guardian day and identified the problem and selected this project. After the completion of the project, School will have enough safe drinking water, enough water for the plants which in turn will maintain school environment clean and green and also there will enough water for the toilet. In overall, this will keep the school environment and the students healthy.

We have request to implement Deep Boring in the school more then 100 school so that we would like to raise the fund as many as we can.

Budget: 763.00 Euro

Hilf mit, das Projekt zu verbreiten