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Improvement quality of teaching and school structure of Naveen School

Ein Projekt von Freundeskreis Wider Vision Foundation e.V.
in Varanasi U.P., Indien

Naveen Nursery & Primary School from Varanasi U.P. India, which host more than 170 children, if it wants to survive, is in the need to implement its incomes, starting up a Vocational Training Centre and building more classes to host more children.

D. D'Angelo
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Über das Projekt

Objects of the Trust of Wider Vision Foundation:
• To promote and foster education among underprivileged and deserving students
• To constitute funds and scholarship for the help of underprivileged and deserving students
• The trust shall work for the economic, social, educational and spiritual betterment of human beings specially amongst the downtrodden and underprivileged persons
• Educating and spreading awareness amongst the public about their rights and duties towards society and as human being at large.
• The empowerment and improvement of each individual by resorting to the efforts and activities as guides, facilitators, trainers, teachers, financers and by all such other means so as to make them economically self-reliant.

Description of the action:
Due to the changed awareness of the significance of quality school education and the new economic conditions, Naveen Nursery & Primary School from Varanasi U.P. India, if it wants to survive, is in the need to implement its incomes.
To achieve this, the following possibilities have been identified:
• To open the school to children of medium class families, which can afford an appropriate fee
• To expand the education sector starting a vocational training center, through which two goals will be reached: to teach skills to the pupils of major school classes and have extra profits from the items produced
The abovementioned aims will increase the earnings of the school, so that will be possible to better train the teacher, with a consequent improvement of the education imparted and, in addiction of a basic education, the students of the final year will have the possibility to learn a job.

Project Goals:
Those described above are the endpoints. But to reach them other steps must be performed before. Thus becomes essential, to make them possible, the followings:
• Admission of more children from parents with no financial means at all.
• Appointment of qualified teachers through appropriate remuneration.
• Making teacher training courses possible.
• Extension and renovation of school building, presently a new roof for 6 more classrooms (including all that is needed), strengthening of ground walls, stair case to the first floor, railing, 1 washbasin, 2 toilets.
• Making a permanent electricity source possible by acquiring and maintaining an inverter (low-budget rechargeable battery) or solar power unit.
• Startup of a kitchen for making one school meal possible per day.
• Support for individual cases for medical treatment and livelihood support.
• Startup of a vocational training primarily focusing on women.
• Startup of a Vocational Training Centre for the older children to acquire skills, like sewing, repairing appliances (like phones and computers) and the like, so the students can cultivate a proper vocational craft for their future lives, in order to become self-dependent citizens.
The indicative duration of the action plan is considered in three years.