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Viele Grüße aus Berlin, Dein

Beendet Helpless Rehabilitation and Development Centre

Kathmandu, Nepal

Beendet Helpless Rehabilitation and Development Centre

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The helpless people from through out the country will be benefited as we provide them education. trainings and different other skills as per the need.

S. Bhandari von Helpless Rehabilitation and Development CentreNachricht schreiben

This project was established in the year 2004 and has 8 children with it. The name itself decribes what the project is going to do and for whom. Specially, it looks after the people who are helpless, deprived, no matter what backgroud they have. Some might be orphans, elderly people, war victims, victims from the natural calamities and such more.
So far my family is only working for them and everything is going OK. We wanted to help more people from different sectos but in lack of funds, we couldn't add more people who could help us in making this project a betterplace.
But in lack of proper donation and manpower, we have only started with the kids for whom we can provide the education as the education is the main source for change in the world. In this growing world, we can find many people who really need help. In despite of strong will to help more number of people, this world needs money to run. So we are compelled to live on whatever we are with. But if the donation according to the needs come we are planing to see wide range on sectors as the Project's Name itself explains.
What i have always thought is, i would give proper place and education to the kids who are with me, regardless of there are more kids on the streets. I ofcourse, want more kids to join me and make this home a "HAVEN", but irony is that we don't have enough fund to keep all of them and if i take them the kids have to share whatever they have now, therefore i choose to give best for less than bad for many. So i would make the kids who are with me better people when they grow.

Hilf mit, das Projekt zu verbreiten