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Beendet A Gesture, Some Hope

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This is a project to send food to the starving people in Africa. We have already sent some, but the idea is to make it something really big and have people from all over the world participating.

C. Pelloso von Instituto Social Sagrado Coração de JesusNachricht schreiben

From a trip to ‘Poor Africa’ came the perception that we live in plenty in Brazil and throw a lot out, millions of ‘tons of food’ as ‘leftovers’ or other disregard. Such perception has made one of the members to start organizing at the company, a campaign for getting food and sending it to such population. The reply from employees and society was so good that something greater was started.
The discussion of such job in a friend gathering has originated the Sagrado Coração de Jesus Social Institute on December 8th, 2008.
The Institute is responsible for the project, that has already sent 2 container full of meat (kidney) to Congo and has 20 more scheduled for next year (2010).
At the present moment, the president of the Institute, the other members of the board, myself and the employees of Frialto are taking part on this project.
Many of starving people in Africa have already benefited from the 2 containers of meat sent and millions more will as well, when we manage to send more and more food to them. The ideia is, besides sending meat, to raise some money to buy more food.
The biggest challange is to touch the population and make everyone participate, because it's along way from Brazil to Africa and lots of steps to overcome. Therefore, we need donations to make sure this will continue happening.

Hilf mit, das Projekt zu verbreiten