Finanziert Peace Awareness Program

Ein Hilfsprojekt von „CAVSIICON“ (m. uzeme) in lagos island, Nigeria

m. uzeme (verantwortlich)

m. uzeme
The project is being embarked upon to set up a network of student peace builders across the west African institutions who will actively carry out the mandate of the organization voluntarily as we start operating, through the implementation of a specially designed program tagged P.A.P., (acronym for Peace Awareness Program), to sensitize and mobilize west African students and youth populace against violence and promote peace through such avenues like symposiums, lectures, workshops, musical shows, carnivals, tours rallies and the multimedia. On such campaign occasions, pamphlets, stickers, t-shirts, caps, balloons and souvenirs bearing campaign slogans shall be freely distributed to students.

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Ort: lagos island, Nigeria

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