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Finanziert Tourismusprojekt: Öko Farm am Kilimanjaro

Ein Projekt von p(e)d-world e.V.
in siha, Tansania

Ndarakwai Camp is a sustainable eco-tourism project where Education (schools, training), anti-poaching work, farming as well as nature conservation are supported here successfully for more than 13 years now. villagers, Massai and animals

C. Boesenberg
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Über das Projekt

Ndarakwai Ranch is over 11,000 acres in size and located in Siha District, West Kilimanjaro. 
The privately owned ranch is an experiment in self-sustaining conservation preserving a variety of habitats that are home to over 65 mammal species, and 350 bird species (at last count). 

The owners pay close attention to the impact on neighboring communities. Ndarakwai Camp was built by, and is staffed by people from the local villages. Materials, such as canvas for tents, poles for construction, and grass for thatching, were obtained locally, and all of the tents were made onsite. We grow our own vegetables or buy from farmers at nearby Ngare Nairobi village. Trees felled by elephants provide all of our firewood. The camps unique design grew out of the available local raw materials and the skills of craftsmen that live in the area.

With a lodge in one of the most beautiful and epic spots on earth we recognize eco-tourism as a viable, sustainable and pro-active means of balancing the needs of wildlife and local communities.

Ndarakwai is part of the Amboseli / Ngasurai Basin eco-system and helps to preserve important seasonal elephant routes. Many species are permanent residents, while others use Ndarakwai seasonally.