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Christmas Day at Dayspring

M. Annapoorni
M. Annapoorni schrieb am 06.01.2016

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Christmas is typically a day to be spent with family and that is true at Blossom, it just happens that our family here includes at least fifty people! The function wasn’t just a one day thing, for over a week preparations had been going on in the form of decorations being made and hung up, a nativity scene and the dances that the children had been practising to make sure they were perfect on the night.

The beautiful rangoli, chalk designs on the ground, greeted all the guests as the entered Dayspring, from outside the gate to the entrance to the veranda, their vibrant colours were mixed with seasonal greetings and the strings of lights hanging down made it very clear that festivities were waiting, as did the Christmas songs playing in the classroom: where all the children were eagerly awaiting their party, in their best clothes.

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Their joy, only increased when the cake was uncovered and the little ones learnt that they were to get the first tastes! Scrambling to get to the table as quickly as possible and be the first in line they were richly rewarded with large pieces, some of them trying to get back for more.

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Then the Dayspring children got to show off the wonderful dances they had choreographed. Dressed up in their finest and covered in jewellery that only comes out for special occasions the girls whirled and span like Bollywood starlets.

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A speech of thanks by CEPT Project Co-ordinator P. Jothi, was followed by a special meal for all: biriyani, and more cake! On a day like today it is hard to look at the Dayspring children and think of the hardships they have been through, losing their families one way or another; but today was a day of joy for all of us involved and while at other times it may not be as easy for them to forget, at least at Christmas we can give them new happier memories to hold on to.

Thank you to all our our generous friends for helping to make the day so special for the children of Dayspring, we juat wish everyday could be filled with so much joy

Make Every Day Special at Dayspring
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