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Ein Projekt von "commit and act"
in Bo, Sierra Leone

commit + act provides psychotherapeutic support to low income countries. We work in partnership with local people across a range of issues (e.g., mental health, gender-based violence) using validated therapies (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy)

C. Stewart
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Über das Projekt

Who we are:
"commit + act" e.v. is a registered charity in Aschaffenburg, Germany (VR 200253), and with the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender & Children's Affairs in Sierra Leone (referred to as "commit and act foundation").


Our goal:
"commit + act" e.v. is committed to providing psychosocial support to low and middle income countries and areas affected by conflict.

Our Mission:
To empower individuals and groups to support their communities

To provide opportunities for healing and reconciliation for war-affected youth, children and women and to restore personal integrity and mutual trust

To provide better services to beneficiaries and to empower self-development

To heighten awareness of the ACT approach in communities

How we work:
An international team of trained psychotherapists and researchers provide regular training and supervision in validated therapies, evaluate training workshops, and attempt to better understand the issues affecting local people so that they can better support them.

Local people are supported by local trained therapists, who provide therapy from the commit + act center in Bo, Sierra Leone. The center also serves as a base for training and supervision for NGO staff across the country (e.g., Makeni, Freetown, etc.). Our therapists deal with a range of issues, including mental health issues, support for girls and women affected by gender based violence, HIV/AIDs, etc.

We work in partnership with other local organisations and government ministries to pool resources, provide the best level of support for local people, and train local people in skills that they can use in their own work. Recently we trained 25 teachers in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) so that they can use these skills in their work with their students. We also trained local police officers and prison wardens in ACT for use with local citizens and prisoners. We also support local women's groups and provide a structure (i.e., ProSocial) to support them in their day-to-day struggles.