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Beendet Part time employment to 100 disadvantaged youths in Thimphu

Ein Projekt von Youth Media Center
in Thimphu, Bhutan

Youth Media Center

G. Chophel
G. Chophel schrieb am 01.04.2014
Multimedia Skill Development

YMC offers Multimedia Skills Training for Bhutanese youth who are interested in a career in multimedia. YMC is a Certified Trainer under the Ministry of Labour and Human Resource (MoLHR) and the training modules are accredited with the Department of Occupational Standard. Currently we offer 3 different training modules: Animation, Graphic Design, and Sound and Music.

Each module consists of 5 different levels, lasting 2 months each. Those who successfully complete one level will receive a certificate and be eligible to attend the next level. A certificate for any level may be presented as a qualification to potential employers. On completion of all 5 levels the trainee will possess an advanced level of knowledge in his/her field. The trainings are thus designed to build the multimedia industry while facilitating youth employment. 


Through this course, students will be able to understand the basics of animation and animate their own character by the end of the 5th level.  They will showcase their own portfolio in animation as 2D animators. With this portfolio, they will be able to search employment in a 2D production studio in Bhutan, or work as freelance 2D animators throughout the world.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is an interdisciplinary, problem-solving discipline which combines visual sensitivity with skill and knowledge in communication, technology and business. Graphic designers combine typography, colour, lines, and patterns to create designs and products for advertisement, business or entertainment.

The Graphic Design training aims to teach students what graphic design is and how to apply it in the real world.  Lessons will cover the fundamental basics of two software programs (Photoshop and Illustrator). Students will be taught how to use the correct file format for digital images and how to create designs that convey a message using visuals. They will learn about the composition and layout for specific designs, with correct typography and colours. By the end of the course they will have completed a project to make a product using all the material learned in the class. With the final product showcasing their graphic design skills, students may become professional Graphic Designers in advertisement, business, or entertainment fields.

Sound and Music

This module aims to equip youth with the knowledge and skills needed to produce digital music.  Lessons combine music theory (tone, pitch, scales, rhythm) with digital technology (computer software for mixing music tracks). Each level is project-based, with each trainee applying class content to the production of an original music track.  The skills learned in this module will enable youth to enter the music and film industry, providing them with employment and improving the quality of Bhutanese music products.

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