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Finanziert Future in Salikenni: Upgrade of the Village Water System

Salikenni, Gambia

German and Gambian NGO asks for support to upgrade the central water system of the village Salikenni in Gambia / West Africa.

T. Hegenberg von Zukunft in Salikenni e.V.
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Please support the following project of "Future in Salikenni" a NGO registered in Germany and in The Gambia. We focus in our various projects to improve the living conditions in the Gambian village Salikenni. Starting from our initial and ongoing successfull project to run a nursery school in the village, we now like to support the village in another projects.

Today, we ask you for your support to upgrade the centralized water system that supplies the village with clean water. Here are the Details:

Salikenni is a village in northern Gambia with more than 4000 inhabitants. In 1994 the Commission of the European Communities financed a water supply project in this village. The project what organised by CILSS in PRS -1. The water supply system is driven by a photovoltaic system. More Informations see

Since the beginning of 2013 the system has no longer been functioning properly as the solar panels and pump are slowly reaching the end of their projected lifecycle. We have contacted the Gambian company GamSolar in the capital Banjul which initially used to do the maintenance work there. They sent two of their technicians to Salikenni to examine the installation and subsequently came up with proposals how the system could be repaired immediately to insure continuous functionality and in subsequent steps be upgraded and eventually replaced in the future.

Later on we negotiated with the heads of the village districts and the Alkalo how the water supply situation can kept in check. For the first (urgent) step, that is the renewal of the vital spare parts (lining of the tank and a new, more powerful pump) 425,000 Dalasi (about 8500 Euros ) are needed .

We offered the village to procure an interest-free loan for that amount. In return, the village committed itself to create an appropriate organisational structure to collect money from the villagers for the repayment of the loan. The contracts were signed and the village’s initial payment of 50,000 Dalasi is due time in January 2015; until 2019 75,000 Dalasi are to be repaid annually on January 1 of every year. The money repaid will be used for other aid projects in Salikenni.

We would like to ask you for your support of this project. The concern of our association is mainly the financing of the nursery school and without external support we are not able to grant a loan of such a sum.

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Thanks for your support.