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Beendet Help Empower Underpriviledged Rural Women

Ein Projekt von ndop handicraft association
in Bamenda, Kamerun

Help empower a woman

David G.
David G. schrieb am 06.03.2014
When you choose to buy a Fair Trade product, chances are you are helping a women overcome the greatest odds and by investing in a woman you help gain the respect of the community.
According to statistics, seventy percent of the world's 1.3 billion poor, surviving on less than a $1 a day, are women. Fair Trade directly benefits women by allowing them the opportunity to work while tending to their daily tasks. Women in developing countries work an average of 60-90 hours a week, which is usually unpaid and involves child care, cleaning, cooking, and agricultural labor. When women have the opportunity to earn an income, they gain increased control over their family's spending priorities. Studies show that when women earn money, they most often use this income to improve the lives of their children. This results in better schooling, healthier food and improved health care for families, which helps to directly end the cycle of poverty.
Meet a woman producer artisan of NDOP HANDICRAFT ASSOCIATION(NDOPCRAFT) group in Cameroon. Basket making is handed down generally from mom to daughter insuring a long lasting tradition. The dyes used are natural which is a safe, but remarkably durable color addition. It's great to know that the product is free of chemicals for the consumer and the worke
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