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Uniform dress for 250 deprived children in balwadies to get united

KULANDAIVELU M. schrieb am 30.09.2014

    250 children are studying in our Balwadies which is supported by VIBHA Foundation's, which is located in a remote rural areas of Pudukkottai District, TamilNadu State, India. we are providing them Education, Nutrition. and now we are in need of 2 sets of uniform dresses for 250 children to get united and feel like same when compare to other children goes to school. To make them feel happy we are taking this step. if you are interested in helping this children kindly donate and make the happy childhood experience to the children.

  We in need of 13 Euros for a child to get two set of dresses, therefore we are in need of 3205 Euros to meet out the dresses for all 250 children per year.

  By donating this u are making the healthy and happy children community where the discrimination wont take place among the children be in a same uniform.

Donate for the 250 Deprived children for their uniform dresses