Finanziert TeleCentre, ICT- Empowerment Centre

Kumbo, Kamerun

Finanziert TeleCentre, ICT- Empowerment Centre

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Explore the digital opportunities by using ICTs for socioeconomic and educational development for the underprivileged as an opportunity to ‘create new hope’ and sustain economic situations.

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The project is core aspect of TechCeFaCos’ ICT Development Initiatives and acts as a pivot in enhancing and fostering socioeconomic development in Kumbo, Cameroon (Africa). The objective of the project is to provide IT training to the poor, needy, unemployed and underprivileged youth; thus empowering them for self-reliance, self-dependency, self-employment etc.
Its a ‘low cost tech’ & ‘open source model’ based Empowerment Centre that uses the power of ICTs with an extended objectives and focus, in targeting the achievement of prioritized development based on human and socioeconomic capital.