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J. Nyabwogi
J. Nyabwogi schrieb am 16.03.2014

As You are aware, we began this project operating in rental structures, but since June 2012, we have managed to purchase land{through donor] and built an orphanage structure{temporal}. The school is incomplete as other classrooms are only built to rental. The total population attending in school is 120 and at the orphanage, we accommodate 55 kids. For more information, visit our website{http://www.NissiNarok.tk}. Nissi is a platform for everyone who wish ti improve a life/lives of the underprivileged ones. We welcome your donation should be 10 EURO. or more knowing that it will create a difference at Nissi.

Right now we are faced with a tragedy as recently there occurred a strong wind that took off  all the roofs of the the school. Any donation on this will greatly help to repair.

God bless,

Nissi orphanage and school,

Join our open event day for fundraising held on 23rd Match 2014. Time;5:30PM