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Feed and Clothe the Kids at Bliss!

Ein Projekt von Bliss Women and Children Project
in Nakuru, Kenia

This project will provide food and clothes to kids who desperately need it! It will directly benefit more than 80 children in one of the poorest areas of Nakuru, Kenya.

Esther G.
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Über das Projekt

This project will benefit more than 80 of the neediest kids in Kenya!

The Bliss Women and Children Project aims to meet the needs of women and children in Kaptembwo, Nakuru, an extremely poor slum area where people struggle to survive from one day to the next. BWCP was launched in 2004.

This project has two goals - to provide food and clothes to kids who desperately need them.

Many of the kids who participate in this project have just one set of clothes, which they wear every single day . This project aims to provide them with at least one more. Most of their families do not have enough money to feed their kids. This project also aims to provide one month's food (two meals per day) for more than 80 small, hungry mouths.

This project will benefit some very wonderful children. Aged between 3 and 7 years, the kids at Bliss face enormous obstacles. Many of them are orphaned. Some have HIV. All of them live in extreme poverty. But they wake up every day smiling, full of energy and love nothing more than to sing and play!

One hundred percent of donations will go directly to this project