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Place of Safety Hermannsburg

Ein Projekt von Kellhof e.V.
in Hermannsburg, Südafrika

Place of Safety Hermannsburg: Protective home for children of alleged sexual abuse under 12 years

U. Malzahn
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Über das Projekt

The Place of Safety Hermannsburg is situated in the Umvoti Magisterial District of kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa.
Due to the high incidence of child sexual abuse in within our surrounding community, the Place of Safety was established by Mrs.Uta Malzahn, employed as the HOD of the Primary School of the Hermannsburg German School, with the intent to assist child victims of alleged sexual abuse.
She is duly assisted by her husband, Mr. Sven Malzahn, who works as an Criminologist at the Child Advocacy Centre Pietermaritzburg

The Place of Safety provides a safe and secure shelter for victims of alleged child sexual abuse under the age of 12. Most of these children are placed by the Police for safety reasons or for witness protection.

The Place of Safety is registered with the Department of Social Development and the South African Police Service