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Solar Training Center

Dar es Salaam, Tansania

"Tanzania without darkness is possible!" Let us prove it: Help us to build the Simba Solar Village! African Solar Rise is a German based non-profit organization with the goal to bring solar energy to the rural communities of Africa.

S. Spring von African Solar Rise | 
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Über das Projekt

"In our Solar Training Center in Dar es Salaam we educate people in how to bring solar energy to their home villages in the way of a social enterprise."

What's The Problem?

In Tanzania 86% of the population has no access to the grid. In other words, in Tanzania about 38 million people have to live day by day without any electrical power: No light from bulbs, no possibility to charge mobile phones, radios or other electronic devices. Moreover, these people - no matter whether rich or poor - have no chance to store food in the fridge, cool their houses with air conditioners or watch the news on TV.

What Can We Do?

What comes to our mind when we hear "Africa"? Apart from the beautiful flora and fauna we all know that the high amount of sunshine on this continent makes Africa just so African. So why not using the enormous energy of the sun to solve the problem? Yes, why not?
Therefore, we decided to act: African Solar Rise is a German based non-profit organization with the goal to bring solar energy to the rural communities of Africa by empowering local people to start their own social businesses.

Help us to build the Simba Solar Village and we can show the world how to build a self-sustained traditional African village!

What Do We Need?

To build authentic traditional huts we need to come up for the building materials and human resources. Luckily, we have our local genius builder Thomas. It is easier said than done to get all the materials to our premises in Dar es Salaam. The costs for transportation, materials and personnel expenses account to about 1000 USD for a middle-sized hut.

The Simba Solar Village will consist of three different sections. Apart from residential huts, we set up a commercial and an agricultural district, so that we can show as many different usages for solar power as possible.

What Do You Get?

You already planned to spend your nex holidays in Tanzania? Or maybe your next business trip brings you to Dar es Salaam? Then we are happy to invite you to our Simba Solar Village. Experience the impact of solar power on your own and get to know more about our project. Maybe you even want to spend the night in one of our traditional huts? Hakuna matata, karibu sana - you are welcome!

Are There Other Ways You Can Help?

"A journey with a thousand miles begins with a single step" - of course everybody can help, no matter whether you support us financially or you want to get involved personally: Spread the word and tell the world about our Simba Solar Village. Visit us on facebook and share it with your friends:
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Thank you for your help and don't forget:

"Tanzania without darkness is possible!" - Let us prove it!
Zuletzt aktualisiert am 18. September 2020