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Monte Alegre

Ein Projekt von
in Malaga, Spanien

Art, culture, health, nature in one place...

Lina L.
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Über das Projekt

Monte Alegre, located in the south of Spain, aims to be an international center of creativity, art,health and holistic development. The peaceful and creative community formed at Monte Alegre will encourage visitors, artists, vacationers and soul seekers alike. Monte Alegre provides our community with a relaxing, rejuvenating atmosphere, where all of their mind and body needs can be met in an ecologically responsible and educative way.

At Monte Alegre Our Goals Are as Follows:
- Create an Ecologically Friendly and Sustainable Living Space and Agriculture
- Spread Awareness and Education through Holistic Seminars and Teaching Materials
- Foster an International Community Space
- Provide a Safe Place of Performance, Creation, and Inspiration
- Encourage Spiritual Exploration and Expansion